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Welcome to KOSHKA. We are situated in Melbourne, Australia, and have been breeding Cornish Rex and Russian Blue Cats for fourteen years. In recent years, Cornish Rex have been the main focus of the breeding programme. We hope the information provided in the following pages is useful and answers some often asked questions about this wonderful breed of cat. Our main focus has centred on producing healthy, genetically sound, well balanced, dense coated kittens. A good quality rex coat is of prime importance in both show and pet cats. An interactive, outgoing temperament is also essential. All KOSHKA kittens are raised in the house to assist in the development of a well balanced and trusting personality. This is important, not just for the show bench, but essential for ensuring that each kitten adapts to, and, becomes an integral and much loved member of the family it joins.

A number of our Cornish Rex have been awarded the highly sought after titles of Cat or Kitten of the Year, and every KOSHKA Cornish Rex cat or kitten exhibited at local, national and international Cat Shows, has been awarded major titles that include, Supreme Exhibit in Show, Best in Show, Best in Group and Best of Breed.

Take some time to meet the Koshka cat family and to visit the special KOSHKA info pages (buttons at the left) or the links (below) to other Cat Sites, Breeders, lots of great cat Graphics and humorous Funny Cat Pics. Over time, we will endeavour to add a wide variety of interesting links to provide information about Cornish Rex in particular, the Russian Blue, cats in general, and other items that may be of interest or assistance. We will be updating regularly, please continue to visit.






Gallery of Koshka Russian Blue Cats & Kittens: While you are visiting, take some time to meet the very special, aristocratic Koshka Russian family and a few special Russians from other breeders.  Russian's are an exceptional, gentle and loving breed of cats.  




Gallery of Koshka Cornish Rex Cats & Kittens: Also, a few others that have been important additions to our breeding programme




Koshka Cornish Rex in Show &  International Judges: hard at work on the Australian Cat Show Circuit. ......What makes a good show cat?




The Cornish Rex Cat:   Breed Profile, General description, Personality, Care &  Breed Standard including Show Point Scoring




Cornish Rex Coat:  An up close look at the Rex coat. Why is the Rex coat so different to normal cat coat?   Are Rex cats really hypoallergenic? 




History of the Cornish Rex:   Kallibunker the very first Cornish:  The Cornish Rex in Britain, Australia, USA:  A Rex by another name: Selkirk/Devon/German




Raising Weak Kittens:  Hand rearing infant kittens from birth. Bottle feeding, maintaining normal temperature. Read about Cocoa and Gizmo




Basic Coat Genetics:  Beginners guide to genetics, Determining coat colour,  defining the genetics of the Rex and Cornish Rex Coat  & On-line genetic links




Koshka Pets:  Collection of photos of Koshka cats in pet homes. We keep in touch with the families who have adopted a Koshka cat or kitten and present a few of these much loved pets here.




Interesting Facts & Snippets:  Living with Humans & Other Animals : Air Righting  Balance Reflex: Cat Age Table Senior Cats: The Oldest of the Old (USA) : Cat Gift Behaviour




Amusing Funny Cat Photos & Animations:  Collection of very amusing pics that have been doing the rounds on the net and have been sent in by friends and others




Web Graphics:  Collection of excellent, free cat and general graphics for the web builder. Check out these graphic sites and the talented artists who reside over these collections




Links to other Breeders:  If you would like to add a link to this page, please email your details including location and URL address




Links to Cat Sites:  Interesting sites with lots of general information about cats, cat health, breeder listings, short stories, humour pages, profiles of all other breeds and feline history 




Fabulous Feline Finds:  Collection of innovative, practical, state-of-the-art or just plain useless, but terrific cat products




Contact Us:  If you would like to contribute to any section, link to a page or just make a statement,  please email your request or comments.




Link to Us: Koshka Cornish Rex Banner, or text, can be linked to :  www.koshkacats.com




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  Find your way around:  If you get lost, this map will show you where you are.  



Owning a Koshka Cat: We do everything we can to match kittens to the homes they are to go into to ensure as much as possible that there is a  lifelong fit between kitten and family.

We also have a requirement that all pet kittens be neutered/spayed. There is no exception to this condition. We also place fairly stringent conditions on obtaining a Koshka cat for breeding.

Please read our conditions and criteria for each of these situations to ensure that your needs and housing conditions comply with  our expectations.  





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